With hands firmly on the plow

He steadfastly walks the fields in faith,

Eyes never look back as he works,

Thoughts are fixed on the Lord of Harvest

Eyes always look to Him!

As learned clearly over the years

With discipline deeply engraved on the heart

A mind develops most sensitive to Messiah the King

Holy Words of Scripture flow constantly within

As a pure clean stream daily revives

Thoughts in meditation as a sword thrust out

To chase off what does not belong

And what tries to deceitfully trickle in

Or even force an unclean moment of worldly distraction;

A clear mind and self-control rule in strength renewed

Even as many prayers are spoken for others

Godly love compels watering seeds

And planting many others in good soil

While he watches in gladness as the Lord brings forth growth!

Satisfaction found in soul and spirit rest

Peace in confidence always at hand

Harvest is celebrated by a servant of God

Another human vessel who works the soil tirelessly,

Honor for his Lord Messiah the greatest desire!