To shine with Heaven’s Light

Brilliance from the Throne of Mercy

What other delight is there

What greater pleasure to seek after,

Our very existence now Spirit sealed!

The days we now walk the Earth

Revealed as the Shepherd’s walk,

A life of faith

Controlled, led by the Holy Spirit of freedom and abundance

As clean vessels poured out for others

The remnant, the few sought out

Those many others predestined, foreknown

Yet, asleep in their fallen state,

Still as lost sheep to be found!

We encourage one another

We plant and water seeds of Truth

Prayerfully we steadfastly work the fields

Carry many burdens, though “light” in Messiah

Our lives as true believers

The Church of Honor

The Body of Messiah to radiate,

Reflect our Lord to others

Our service in victory, our task in foreknown triumph!