Jealous love covers all

Kingdom love encloses with the Shepherd’s arms

Sealed by the Spirit of God

The Lord of Creation

Who Looks down from above upon His own

Those chosen by Him to belong

Children of the King guarded and protected

Surrounded by Divine favor

Enlightened by the Holy Spirit wisdom

Given to know, to truly understand

To be One in Him;

Human life and human purpose

The essence of the reason for our existence

In time and place on Earth;

To stand in beauty before the King of Glory

To radiate the eternal love from within hearts made new,

To love and serve and honor their High Priest forever;

The Light of Majesty covers the Kingdom children

Clothes with Kingdom zeal,

The aroma of love, the scent of purity

The many who belong to Him only!

The Lord of Peace and Kindness reigns supreme

The Lord of Eternity, Ruler of His Creation.