The sweetest kiss of Truth on the  lips

With the Refiner’s touch

His holiness given, and more

Then, even more;

From day to day

In the walk of a believer’s faithfulness

The Shepherd’s Hand held tightly

As He draws us near

Closer to Him, closer to the Father

Who willed all into existence

Whose grace is given to all who are called in Love,

The Redeemed of the Lord

Raised up when they had fallen so far

Clothed when nakedness was exposed to all weakness

Vulnerable to the cold winds of the “evil one”;

Mercy wept tears of compassion

At those who mourned the death of Lazarus

Who cried along with Mary and Martha,

The impossible circumstances of humanity

And His world, His creation

The dilemma, the snare;

But refuge would be freely given to all His own

The kiss of Divine Love to remain forever on new hearts given!