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To sit quietly along a seashore once again

Eyes closed

Ears open to the steady waves that wash in and out-

Pleasant, calming and soothing,

Near the mouth of a Northern California river,

Like steadfast love always ready, waiting in clear moments of time

Our Sovereign God in control!

Weariness from the world and those who love it

In trying times

Conflicts at all levels,

Government intelligence units lust for control in multiple ways,

Trouble from those who govern to their police who seek to rule

The military overshadowing ,

Business and economics cold and ruthless,

Brutal winds that mercilessly blow back and forth

Push and force many underground

To escape the ominous clouds

The constant threat of destruction forcefully unfolded;

All shown so heartlessly like Mystery Babylon the Great!

There is no peace for the wicked,

No desire for peace or even a hint of submissive calm.

Inner Spirit Peace the royal treasure given

For the few who wait

Who seek, bow and look to Heaven above

Open hearts to Truth and the One who is Truth

To reach out to Divine Kindness,

The only Source of comfort

The only One who truly cares,

Our Lord, our God of Peace and Justice

Always at our side with comfort and assurance.