The beauty of a woman’s hips

Curves tender and lines smooth

Much more than the multi-faceted jewels found in rarity

Hidden on the Earth’s surface or deep within;

Glowing Matriarch Eve, the one most beautiful

Seen forever in the Light of purity

Clearly understood in the wisdom of righteousness

Naked innocence before the Lord of Heaven and Earth

Now clothed in whitest white!

Mysteries of Creation revealed

As prized gifts from above

The Mind of Messiah develops in His own, deeper and wider

Truth of the Holy Spirit rises brighter than the sun

In brilliance of Majesty as sparkles from far off

The twinkling of stars with unapproachable Light;

The “New Day” spoken of draws near

Longed and yearned for by prophetic generatons

Even as the long awaited sunrise of a cold winter season,

Much as a father’s anticipation of a child at birth,

The woman’s cradle of delight bearing good fruit

The wonder in awe of her husband

Source of unimaginable joy in the child, then maybe another;

A baby created within the womb of all treasures,

Seth from Eve

Countless others from the Daughters of Eve;

Then, Messiah Yeshua from Miriam,

Later, from that richest mother,  other sons and daughters through Joseph

From and for his God!