The call has gone out

It resounds powerfully about the heavens

Across the many waters

Beyond all the seas

Atop mountains

In every hidden valley

Even thick forests

And jungles woven tightly in growth

Barren plains, driest  deserts;

The Voice of compassion reaches out

Searches for each one

Touches a heart, drink for the thirsty

Warms a soul, food for the hungry

Encourages the lost, friendship for the  lonely

Gives strength to the weak

Pierces every dark cloud with His Sword of Truth

And draws the lost children all close,

Through repentance and Spirit revelation

The Holy Son Yeshua seen and heard.

The Holy Father knows the path of every human being

From before birth

Till the last breath taken of every generation,

Deliverance from the dark grip of the evil prince

And his hordes of legions of fallen demon angels,

Endless spiritual lies woven into snares

And forceful material deceptions

As the predator preys on fallen human nature!

But the true Light of Messiah the Holy Son

The Redeemer is shown who gives Life

As love is displayed in peaceful waves of kindness and goodness

While the God of Compassion gathers His chosen ones;

Many rooms in the Father’s House

Many seats at the banquet table wait empty

With all who are called to celebrate,

All those who  hear the call

And turn to return to Divine purpose for our very existence!