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A powerful word for the children

Given in prayer times

As the soul bows once more

And the heart reaches out to Heaven again

The human spirit soars into the Kingdom Presence

Comes before the Throne of Holiness

The King who is seated in all authority,

The God of Compassion

The Lord of all comfort;

Needs blend with praise and thanksgiving

And with incense they rise through the hands of angels

Sweetest aroma of the Holy Spirit,

The Delight of all Heaven;

The children of God stand as objects of mercy

Chosen ones in redemption

The cup of their Savior poured out in sacrifice

Nothing held back

In Life for Life

The needs of all His own

Embraced as the fragrance of purpose

What matters in prayer

What counts in His Kingdom

All meaning in and for their existence,

To draw near to the Father

To hold our Creator’s Hand

Shepherd of true, purest reality

The only One we follow;

To Yeshua alone we offer our prayers of love,

As seeds sown in faithfulness

True eternal Life reaped in abundance,

The lasting fruit of the knowledge of God!