They walk a path of honesty

Transparent, sincere in all they say and do

The love of God indwells

Confidence covers with assurance,

The love for God leads and guides

Words spoken and written so long ago alive with Spirit power,

They rise up within the spirit and soul,

Rise up from within as “zeal and spiritual fervor”;

The right prayerful choices are daily made

Whether a creek side trail of unusual  beauty

Or a desert wilderness where the sun seeks to guide and control

While it steadily consumes life and breath,

Water to drink the greatest treasure to be found

The will to live and survive exposed, tested in rawest elements.

But when darkness covers

The stars above sing anew with angelic melodies

Angelic sounds and sights in the heavens as the true Kingdom reassures

“Goodness is near”-

Truth reigns supreme

Lasting purpose indwells with endless Spirit Peace

From moment to moment

Through every possible circumstance,

Every human relationship

Messiah’s Peace indeed anchors in Living Hope

Now seen and clearly understood

Experienced purely

Like the crystal flow of Living Water

From the Holy Throne of the Shepherd

Seen as each footstep is followed daily

By another!