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TRUTH written on many hearts

As salvation flows in newest gold

Highlighted with brightest silver

About perfected jewels accenting purity throughout;

Though long ago carved into stones

By the very Hand of God,

The Spirit of Messiah fulfills all TRUTH

Revealed by His new, eternally living Covenant

Made for all mankind!

The most powerful mountain that towers beyond Creation,

Sovereign authority covers far ahead and trails far behind

Shades beautifully from the sun’s intense heat of the day,

Ushers in rain as needed in abundance;

Joy rushes through the human spirit and soul

With a single drink from the crystal clear River of Life-

Living Words that move out from the Throne of Grace!

The TRUTH of Yeshua Messiah has triumphed as planned,

Powerful faith now overcomes the world;

In Heaven’s Gift of wisdom and strength

From the Heart of God, freedom pours out

Deliverance in the delicate aroma of Life overcomes death,

The scent of the greatest fragrance drowns the stench of darkness

Much more than perfumed plants in a rare old city park

Or the pleasure of a hidden ocean shoreline

With a private beach of whitest sand dotted with moments of secret delight.

The Name that towers above all

Always with kindness of eternal compassion given

Always Divine care by the eternal TRUE Lover of Jerusalem,

His chosen place on earth for Zion’s Temple of TRUTH

Throne of Decision

His love for His world, His world shown in the Light of Glory

Shared by all of His children

Reborn in “Second Birth” through the Holy Spirit of Messiah

Who is TRUTH, the Lord of Life!