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A new day of wealth,

A day of greater wealth

Flowing through your heart

Flowing through your hands

Streaming through your hands to others;

The sun shines brightly

Reflected in ways like the crystal clear waters

That will flow as the River of Life from God’s Throne,

A majestic display for Abram

In visions of power and authority

And as numberless stars above

His destiny in hand;

Abraham of true faith,

Divine strength to believe!

Oh, to drink from the Cup

Living Waters for all who thirst

The Holy Cup of Life,

Whether drops on a dry tongue on desert earth

Or long and deep gulps swallowed in joy on mountain tops

The riches of Messiah’s heavenly treasures indwelling

Heaven’s treasures so much greater

Wealth beyond the world

Riches that live within the human spirit

Given freely as foretastes,

Glowing sparkles of eternal Life

From the Fire Eyes of Splendor

Soon to radiate in brilliance from Jerusalem,

City of our Lord!