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From the beginning

At Holy Spirit rebirth,

A man and a woman, reborn the same

Different times, circumstances and people

Yet, who walk hand in hand

In step with their Shepherd,

The One who is the “Beginning and the End”;

Oh Sovereign King of the Universe

And the Third Heaven beyond,

Who humbles Himself with His Father

To look upon the Earth

And the Creation breathed out in Words spoken,

Even as the Redemption from the mouth of the Savior,

Lips of Holiness proclaimed- “It is finished!”

Love on greatest display for all mankind for all time

The Cross in triumph,

The almost infinite sins of generations covered

In most Divine sacrificial Life-Blood!

Our beginning and end stand before our eyes

Yet how few truly see,

How little the thoughts and efforts given to embrace

Our eternity

Purchased by God

And for God.

This final generation poised on tiptoes to taste and see

To know what so many of old longed for and prayerfully dreamed of-

The end of the present heaven and earth

And the beginning of the new earth and heaven

Promised from our Creator’s Words spoken

To be crowned by His New Jerusalem

And the reign of Glory

Before the countless children of the Lord our God.