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Patience rains down from above

Bright glowing clouds of perseverance and endurance anchored by Hope

Fresh from the Throne of the Kingdom of Grace

And the King who is “Patience”;

The One who waited generation after generation

A Plan of rescue in Hand,

The Wisdom of Salvation to be revealed

Worked through the family of Abraham

Tribes by Moses

A nation called Israel who “wept on the mountains”

Circumstances in most precise details

Spoken and written by ancient prophets,

A people to be separated from this world

Given a sense, an early grasp of God’s Holy Presence

The reality of Eternal Greatness

In the Creator, in the Lord their God!

Then, a Shepherd walked the Earth in humility

Sent to gather the scattered flocks together,

The God of Love

A Redeemer for all mankind,

After all the many years from Adam and Eve

Creation once lost, now found

As the Cross of Satan’s crushing destruction towers high;

Today we walk as true believers

Live out our days in supernatural faith

Led by Messiah’s Holy Spirit

Empowered to know the Truth

Strengthened by even more patience to wait with Hope

Our destiny in foreknowledge

To look upon our King, our Savior

In His Beauty and Glory

From His Jerusalem Temple Throne!