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Beauty that lasts

Settles deeply within the soul

Radiates from within the human spirit

Glows as a brightened countenance from the body;

The eyes of heavenly Peace shine, Peace full of eternity!

As angelic stars move from high above

To bring a small taste of Heaven on Earth

Holy Spirit power lives out in reality shown

The Resurrection Life of Messiah Yeshua revealed

In another one, in many others the same

Most exquisite qualities of character,

The Shepherd Himself indwells His mankind

Lives within a reborn man, a woman’s spirit rebirth,

Kingdom oneness on supernatural display

While the Body of Christ rises to new heights

The Gift of Faith overpowers, overcomes the world

Darkness fades as Light engulfs all

The fire of the Holy Spirit zeal consumes

And a new heaven and earth begin to unfold

Within eyes filled to overflowing with wisdom and power

Strength in faith unmatched

In the Divine Beauty now made known;

One chosen person at a time

Drawn into the Holy Presence

One generation at a time gathered, clothed with whitest white

In the fragrance of our Messiah’s Life

Holy Spirit aroma of our King from His Jerusalem

Our King of Majestic Beauty in Truth,

Now and in the New Jerusalem soon to come,

One day to descend from His Father,

From the very Throne of Creation of the Third Heaven!