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The Word of God pours forth Living Light

Eternal Truth that lifts the heart

Gives Spirit wings to the soul

Hope to the entire new being

Encouragement of Living Bread and Living Water

Life within where there was none,

Lasting Peace from above,

Divine strength that carries through each day,

Greatest wealth more than silver or gold, houses or land,

What the world can never give us!

Scripture stands crystal clear, translated from ancient Hebrew,

Even from ancient Greek

Words guided and refined by the Holy Spirit

Nurtured and cared for hand to hand

Generation to generation;

The High Priest of Heaven preserves and deepens

His own spoken Words

By His mouth, by the mouths of His servants,

He fills a human man or woman with Holy Spirit discernment to receive

Divine wisdom, understanding of new treasures in Heaven

Graciously poured out in kindness on the common Earth

Ready for any and all, the humble ones to feed upon

To bask in Kingdom Light

As showers of purity and holiness rain down

Even the Radiance of our Redeemer

Savior and Ruler of Creation!