As a golden ribbon of prayers

Wraps about your new Heavenly body

Clothed in a robe of whitest white

Embroidered in delicate silver threads,

God’s beauty glows forever on display

In another of His “Chosen Ones”.

A golden metallic luster seen on the skin

In radiance from the King’s Throne of Holiness;

Kingdom joy has no limits,

Experienced in Heaven and on Earth.

While Messiah’s Peace moves as a Living Fragrance

Carries within and without,

Angel wings powerfully lift the winds beyond

Tenderly caress the waters of streams, of oceans,

Pure Love completely covers the sky above

True Love covers the ground below.

Our Lord’s Kingdom patiently waited for this one,

And now waits for so many others to be soon gathered

As a delightful bouquet of splendor

Flowers of majestic pleasures that soar

Made ready in simplicity, made known in gracious humility

To be set in the places of greatest honor,

One brother or sister lost to the world

But found in Heaven’s gain

At lasting rest before Eternity’s only worthy King,

Before Eternity’s  Royal Creator!