I stand and watch as darkness flees

Looking out my window in quiet pleasure

The new morning light fills the earth and sky with delight,

Then the iridescent red on the throat of a hummingbird glows

Zooms past and stops at the feeder on our back porch;

The Earth continues to rotate

Night turns into day and back again

Simple things become most profound

As peaceful calm settles into the Rock Solid Presence within;

The God of Creation

Rules over all

Stands with arms outstretched

Welcomes all the children Home

Those many reborn by water and the Spirit

Kingdom children of the King Most High,

Knowledge that is Life rests within this heart

A humble man who stands and feeds as well

Drinks from the written Words of God read daily and meditated upon

From the Holy Spirit who moved upon the earth in the beginning,

Creative power of the Father’s will

Expressed infinitely

In greatest artistic delight

Exquisitely more than sublime,

Unending pleasure in what He has made

Jealous love for His own

Zeal that consumes His Son,

Zeal that swallowed up death for all time

And forever conquered darkness

And the “evil presence”

With purest, all powerful eternal Light!