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To stand alone in this dark world

And yet bask in the Light of God’s Kingdom,

“Bold and fearless”

A mystery to many others fascinated, drawn near

Who sincerely search and seek

Even try to pray and ask

Then knock on the invisible Door suddenly revealed;

But to others who scoff and look with pity and scorn

Mock and deride,

Reject and brush off any worth of such a one-

A believer in this Messiah, unseen Yeshua;

They hold little value in a slim view at best

Only a person “who escapes and hides from reality”

And refuses to be part of their world’s reality,

Their coming and going

To work, submit and build up their lives in a world of success

And even to become wealthy

To become a strong force in life today,

To be appreciated and seen by many others the same.

But those who separate from this world

Who seek the eternal Kingdom receive enlightened satisfaction

Stand apart from others, reach out with hearts of love and mercy

Minds that can embrace the weak and poor the same

Even those who clutch onto temporary riches

Male and female, young and old held closely in prayer

With Godly compassion;

Yet, often hatred rises and is returned

Disgust turns into persecution easily

By those who reject a Creator

Who will not repent and follow the Shepherd, ever

As they stand on top of a proud and selfish tower

Arrogance the light that brightens who they choose to be

Who they are to themselves.

The “sheep and the goats” will stand before the Judge

Even though their eternal judgment is already known.