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How long Lord,

The heart yearns;

How long Lord as Your plan unfolds,

Your Glory is made known?

In quiet humility

Prayers in the Spirit rise up

They seek the Holy Presence

The High Priest on His Throne;

The heart and soul bow in worship

Then, a Hand reaches out to touch.

“Patience my child in new strength;

Your day has come.”

Wisdom that indwells has birthed much fruit

Even in old age,

Yet much more waits on the vine

Ready for your days left to work the fields

Though the Harvest is great

“And the workers are few”

Many are gathering now

To share the joy

To experience the Divine pleasure

As love is poured out freely

From one to another

Good seeds planted already sprouted

And the flock multiplies,

The sheep grow more mature in faith

Stand strong as disciples

And continue to reach out in the Spirit of Power

Filling the baskets with new fruit of eternal Kingdom harvest

Until the baskets overflow with a heavenly abundance,

Then the end will come

In the beginning of new life

For those many too difficult to count.