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So many voices

Hard to hear each one

Clearly listen

To sort out all the noise

And sift the distractions

Weigh each in the golden balance of Truth,

Filter with the inner Peace of the Lord

Judge only by the Holy Spirit;

The Living Words were spoken long ago

Our Creator who made all things

Who spoke the earth into existence;

The Holy Son, the Redeemer finished all true work,

And what more can be said

After- “It is finished!”

Many pretenders work the Internet

Self-centered ones who use social media

Double-minded believers act out a script;

The One who separates sheep from goats

Flashes the fire of purity

Gospel Spirit Words refined more than silver

They rumble with thunder from the Throne of the Absolute Presence,

Holiness of God is the “line drawn”

In our hearts

In our minds and spirits;

The Lordship of our Savior honored

In each breath, every heartbeat given us

As time moves from day to day

And the Rock of Eternal Life remains the same,

Unmoved from the Father’s Glory!

A woman here and another there claim to be prophetic

But are not, though others are,

A man even parades about as an apostle

But is not, though another may rarely be;

Pastors claim to guide sheep

But do not, though a relative few do.

Often words written proclaimed as anointed

But are not…though some are,

“The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come’;

” Let him who hears say ‘Come’.”

Now, who in your life,

In your own Christian experience

Can honestly act and do the same?