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The roots of our needs

In a human life,

In all mankind,

Compel good choices of lasting commitment

An enduring life of covenant with what works;

The body must be cared for

Food and drink, exercise and activities

Challenges for growth

Things to do, work places to go;

The mind must grow in strength and depth

Godly things meditated upon

Unique abilities developed, nimble and quick,

Concepts grasped clearly

The abstract daily made into the practical,

An imagination that soars

While footsteps walk this earth;

Yet, the human spirit often remains dormant, undiscovered

Until finally the Voice of the Divine One speaks

And suddenly our ears hear

Sensitivities begin to understand at last

Perceptions with wisdom held close, treasures to the heart!

The world breeds only an overwhelming abundance of needs

Troubles and difficulties

Time always wrestled with;

Other men and women cross your path

And stir your reason for being

Sometimes friendships build up, sometimes others tear down,

The struggle to grasp and hold what lasts, reality remains fleeting

And deep yearnings continue on,

Needs clothe the body and soul

Too thick and heavy in the summer heat

Too thin and frail in the winter cold,

The minds grows weary

As the needs grow larger

The lack, the dilemma grows clear;

Yet, how and where and who can satisfy,

How can these deep things draw comfort

And something called “inner peace”?

Then the path is led to a closed door

An invisible, small gate becomes visible

The heart chooses to bow and enter like a lost sheep,

Enters the freedom and fellowship of the Shepherd’s flock as another one found!