Israel stands alone,

All the nations of the world

One day even led by America,

All the nations of the world against him;

Descendants of Jacob, son of Isaac,

Land given to Abraham for his Isaac and his Jacob

People of destiny, land of honor in covenant destiny.

The Holy Lord, Ancient of Days

The One married to this land,

He who spoke all into existence

Commanded all water and earth boundaries

Shaping nations from tribes, forming mountains,

The One who humbly came

And reached down with His Life to rescue us all!

He who chose the tiny tribes on this tiny land

Center of the world, center of His heart

Children of Jacob sealed forever

Strained and sifted them through generations

From Moses to the present

Tested and challenged, repeatedly refined

On display for the entire world,

Our Creator’s joyful workmanship seen;

The old Judges and Kings

David and Solomon and the rest,

Samuel, Samson and Gideon,

Powerful Prophets but foreshadows of the greatness to be shown

When the King of Kings would soon become known

His testimony the spirit of all prophecy,

Forever One with the people, One with His land

Israel His eternal inheritance

The beloved kingdom, sifted and tried to the end;

So pleasing, a purified aroma to God

Yet, always a thorn, a stench to the nations.

The Mighty One will soon come again

Yeshua who stood with Elijah and Moses on the Mountain

Which trembled with the Father’s Voice,

The Lamb as a Lion

In fulfillment of all things written, His Cross endured

A consuming fire in fulfillment of all things spoken, the end of the Law in Blood;

The Warrior Lord who takes no prisoners,

Cleanses all the stubborn and the rebels from His own land

Even Jerusalem His destined Throne!