Who but God can measure the tears shed for her

Even Messiah Yeshua’s tears,

Who but the Lord alone has measured, placed on His scale

All her heartaches and  pain,

Caught up in a moment wrapped in eternity;

The Throne of Justice seated

Ancient of Days, Lord of Creation

With His pure judgment as a clear river of fire

Clean flow of righteousness from before His Throne

The constant desire for objects of mercy to stand free,

A people clothed, anointed with fragrant oils of Divine favor,

Tribe of Judah often as the tree planted by streams of water

Most favored sons and daughters in the barren desert of mankind-

The rough moonscape of pride and arrogance

Where foolish “self” rules,

Selfishness played as with any common puppet

By the “dark master” of control,

The destroyer, who struts about the earth in arrogance

Seemingly no limit to evil powers manipulated.

A colored leaf falls at last from an old grape vine with deep roots;

Yeshua looked and wept

A city, His City, His Jerusalem, City of David

Universal destiny alone in His Sovereignty,

Tears for Lazarus and his sisters, and those who mourned, the same;

All mankind held in the balance of His will and purpose!

The creek near our house grows narrower, dry ground closes in,

All as my own body grows older,

More weary, slowly worn out and weakened by this earth, this world,

Conflict and discord, an orgy of deceit

Vanity complete as King Solomon explained;

But then Jerusalem rises again

Above the utter waste, expanse of the world

Human trails of casualties far off into every horizon,

While hearts are not touched with comfort where human effort reigns;

Shifting sand all about, a Rock foundation so hard to find,

Houses topple in the constant storms, to the right and left

Desperate souls cry out- “Is the door already shut!”

A sea of lies rises slowly, in an attempt to drown His beautiful creation;

But the Holy Spirit vision is already given out

More than carved on rock tablets, but on hearts

Foreknowledge to Apostle John spread far and wide throughout the Earth

Powerful Book of Revelation,

Prophecies of Zechariah, also lived out now before our eyes!