On my knees in prayer

As the heart bows with reverent humility,

Images of the Lord of Lords

Inner eyes and thoughts fixed on Him alone,

The King of Kings;

The Captain of Heaven’s armies

Our Savior on a noble horse of splendid white

Powerful muscles sculpted for speed and strength

Eyes piercing, nose snorting fire and smoke.

The Lord of Hosts tightly clutches a glowing Sword of the Spirit

Radiance in brilliance of Truth and absolute power

Zeal carries the double-edged Word of God

For life or for death, for Heaven or for hell

Eternity in the Holy Presence or in the Lake of Fire!

Clothed in robes of Sovereign Power

Our only Redeemer

Messiah with eyes of jeweled fire in blinding radiance

Waits for the exact moment,

As written, “The armies of Heaven follow Him.”

“Har Megiddo”, all the rebel forces have gathered

An orgy of darkness, vicious and ruthless fighters without number

Deceived, manipulated and controlled,

Consumed by false images of invading aliens from beyond the earth

Bad aliens that seek only to destroy them

And their allied “good” outer space legions;

The leaders of darkness stand tall

Strong and invincible in their own eyes,

Forces of raw evil against any and all true good.

The Lord of Heaven leads the charge

Trumpets blare, a Lion roars

A surge of Light greater than the greatest comet across the sky,

All weapons neutralized as children’s toys, fall silent and dead

Precisely pointed, perfectly aimed, targeted with ease!

Millions of birds of prey and scavengers alike

Gather from surrounding nations

Brought forth on the great winds

Made ready to pick all of the bones clean;

In an instant the two towers of evil, lying beasts

Are plucked as feathers from a dead chicken

And thrown headlong into the Lake of Fire,

The place of eternal justice for all of Satan’s willing slaves.

Before the countless evil soldiers fall to the ground

The fiercest birds are on them

To strip flesh from their skulls,

Beaks and claws dig deep into eye sockets.

With the battlefields swept clean

The triumphant journey up to Jerusalem continues

In the victory procession of Holiness

The only Way of God’s Truth and Justice

For His people, His City and His Creation.