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What our eyes look at

On the Earth

In the sky

Along a river bank

Near a lake small or large

At the shoreline of a great ocean;

Yet, they often close and look within

To behold the mystery of who we are

Who we will really become

And what we already have become,

What is near, what is beyond our reach!

Courage, and understanding inner needs

What we cannot satisfy ourselves,

The soul and will must reach out beyond mere sight

Away from the daily races

The coming and going in this world

And its consuming ways;

Ah the beauty of a flower held

Colors and shapes, scent of fragrances

Useful purposes,

Even the fruit from nearby trees or vines or berry bushes,

As we look do we truly see

In something created

The dust from heavenly touches,

Work of the only True Creator

Who alone can make something new!

Even we have wondered and wandered aimlessly, lost at times

Without fulfillment, without understanding of lasting satisfaction;

But now we can hold a fruit in hand

Taste it and truly see

Perceive as one of God’s creations

Newly born

Newly given Spirit Life

One of His own,

Made new just for Him!