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The weight of the days hangs heavy

Stress, problems and difficulties,

People, family and circumstances

Body health in an aging world,

Food and drink

Fresh air and exercise and a clear mind,

Rising and sitting

Going forth and returning;

Often true rest is hard to grasp,

Even while a small bird searches for a nest

As the branches of the tree sway and shift in the wind

Often with merciless gusts.

But favor rests upon God’s chosen ones

As objects of His great mercy kindness reigns supreme

Like a desert rain that spreads beautiful blossoms about

Confidence as blooms that intensify delight;

Trust and assurance rise even in the face of persecution,

Deeper trust in the face of forced poverty,

Hope unshakeable in the cold, hard presence of suffering.

Yet, new branches are continually grafted into a mighty tree

Roots run down wide and very deep

Anchored in the heart of God,

Our Messiah who walked the Earth

Carried all of the burdens,

Who drank the cup of redemption

And now seeks His remnant Israel,

Who reached arms wide for the Gentile world

That all nations would seek His Peace,

Would seek and find Him!

Heavenly winds of the Holy Spirit

Move powerfully over the many fields of grains,

The earth trembles, shakes and mountains melt at the Holy Voice

As the Name above all is spoken,

Living Words by angels and Christians who listen and obey;

Deserts will flow with mighty streams, crystal clean waters in abundance.

Many cities of concrete, steel and glass abandoned in ruin

True spirit refuge will be sought by many,

And the glowing remnant of true believers

Will daily taste and see their salvation!

As their Savior stands triumphant above all the Earth,

Our victory rests in his victory,

And will soon shine brightly with a Light beyond the sun and moon,

Over all the world

From His Israel, from His Jerusalem.