He stands by a window

Face very close

As he wonders

Looks intensely at the new morning sky

And quietly wonders.

Much work to be done

Yet, the workers wait;

Harvest fields seem ripe in the morning sunlight

Yet, this worker stands and waits,

And wonders.

He could walk the distance now to the horizon far off

Hills that define,

But would he really?

The heart bows in faithful submission

Eyes and heart in prayer

Many words in the Spirit spoken

While on his knees even a few tears of surrender;

The Lord has a plan

Truly only what can work,

What will prepare and till the soil

Ready it for good seeds planted

Other good sprouted seedlings to water

All done at the right time in the right place

Optimum things done only by the God of Perfection

Who calls us to be perfect,

Like His Son

Like the Shepherd our Lord and King.

This window will become a door

The horizon will be as sunlight about our feet,

My feet as another disciple, a servant obeys the Spirit of Love

The true Spirit of everlasting freedom

One of His children who wade deeply into the river of healing

With streams that flow

From beneath the Temple Throne.