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Living Hope gives eternal eyes

As knowledge grows

As the soul knows more

Seated in the Holy Spirit near Messiah’s Throne

And then bowed in worship before our High Priest;

The human spirit now sees much clearer

Daily, prayerfully a little more so,

The heart easily embraces others

In words and deeds and prayers of love.

Praise is zealously offered

Always honor in worship of our Holy Father,

And our Glorious Anointed One

The Son Most High,

The Lord of Hosts.

A new life is freely given

To all who choose it

Freedom with silver Spirit wings to fly

Golden streaks as lightning from cloud to heavenly cloud

Caught up majestically in a heart that soars very high

And very far above the world;

A secret place of sensitivity to most delicate blossoms

Intricate colors and shapes

Precious perfumed fragrances that season and sharpen,

All in fruitful delight

Tenderness and gentleness given;

Compassionate love in a powerful Voice soon spoken

Thunders throughout heaven and earth

Opens the splendid Door to eternal fellowship in friendship,

And more than friendship in oneness

Joined with the most powerful One,

As sons and daughters

Children of God before the Author of Life

Who knows us before our birth

Who formed us in the womb

Whose “eyes beheld our unformed substance”;

Authority of this Holy One

The seal of victory from His Throne

Now adorned as a crown of triumph

Upon our foreheads,

Upon our heads.