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Each new day a challenge met

Maybe even a spiritual battle or two,

Then, another revelation of Messiah powerfully made known

In fulfillment, in Heaven’s crystal clear abundance;

We draw near to the protective love of Absolute Authority

Showered from above with joyfulness

Salvation His delight as a tent that covers

Worship, a Temple that surrounds us,

Our Holy Lord, a most zealous King!

Many things are spoken,

Many things are written

Living Words of the Gospel confirmed by the Living God;

From long ago Abraham and Sarah walked this path of faith

As a narrow road of faithful guidance

Covenant promises held closely written on their hearts,

Zeal in passions driven to follow their Shepherd.

Amazing promises from God in those ancient days

Hand in hand with new visions of Kingdom Glory-

A nation to be born and grown

A nation to one day fill the Earth;

Zion as God’s chosen Throne

Jerusalem His chosen city

And then, wonders of a new heaven and a new earth.

A magnificent waterfall of revelations is given

Purest waters entrusted to many,

His Kingdom nation and Gentile family to be united as One!

Just as our Holy Father now dwells with us in Yeshua

By Messiah’s Holy Spirit

Our Sovereign Father’s Light fills this dark world,

Our radiant Savior, the glorious most powerful Lamp

Splendid in Majesty

Who stands always at our side;

The tender and most gentle Shepherd

Will guide each of us today by His Love!