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The sharpest point of a sword-

A double-edged Sword of God’s purposes

For heaven and for earth, for you

The tip of Truth glows as the blade radiates Sovereign power

Divine Authority with each thrust or swipe,

Every word of a disciple spoken or written

Sharpest meaning in honor of our God!

A life of goodness accelerates

The promised race of faith for life and peace

In zealous fires of love that compel all God’s children

To reach out in graciousness, kindness and gentleness

Like Him, to give generously from a faithful heart;

So many doors to hope suddenly open

Harvest revelations are mighty as great ocean waves

That powerfully clean the shorelines

Cleanse the beaches

Wash the endless grains of sand,

Many made pure and ready;

Numbers without count as stars wait their chance to shine

Hunger and thirst for purest Light

In a Living Word, in waters of Living Truth

Even those destined for Israel

As ancient Prophet Isaiah wrote, chosen for Zion,

Called into the precious closed circle of God’s children

Separated from the world

Rescued from all evil;

One flash of Light from Messiah’s blade

Shows the Glory to come-

Encouragement for a moment

Encouragement for a lifetime,

For all eternity in the wonders of a new heaven and a new earth!

Kingdom priests and ministers go forth in confidence

Courage in prayerful harvest tears

Carrying much good seed

And return just as is written with a greater harvest of love.

So much to do; so little time left,

The faithful Sword of the King cuts a wide path of Justice

Through all nations, islands of the seas;

His sons and daughters go forth in renewed zeal

As tireless warriors seek lost sheep, the lost souls

With Holy Spirit precision, sharp and true,

Faithful and strong till the end.