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Who truly lives

Stands strong and confident

While compassion and peace rule the heart and soul?

The mysteries of life are hidden deeply within what cannot be seen,

Words are spoken that the natural ear cannot hear;

The human spirit withers,

Walks a barren desert alone, overwhelmed with thirst

The sun beats down

And the evening chill grips without mercy.

Then the Hand of Grace in Mercy reaches down

Lifts the man or woman in need

And reveals waters that revive

Truth that covers with cleanest warmth

Bread that is more than food

Life that rises above the common earth,

Soars with angels among the stars

Walks in humility the roads that lead to streets,

Streets that lead to homes and places of simple dwelling

Where human needs are gathered

Often in desperation, often in poverty of despair

“Without hope and God in this world”.

He stands as a new vessel in strength and walks by faith

A heart freely poured out

Offered with no cost to anyone, everyone met

Prayers of love pour forth, spoken and unspoken

Compelled by Heaven’s Holy Spirit Love

Forever steadfast along the only Way of Truth,

His Shepherd’s most narrow road for Life

Walked so long ago

Footprints of footsteps always fresh to follow;

Like many others he walks by faith

Gift to believe by the Savior given

Supernatural strength to move forward along the Kingdom path.

Humble prayers offered for many are heard

Those who will someday, somehow embrace good change,

Enlightened, plucked from the fire, saved from the “second death”;

These too will fall to their knees in repentance and in worship

After sudden waves of revelation from God

Just like Paul, Thomas, Peter and many others of their day,

Emerald rainbows will encircle them like James and John

And even remnant modern Israel!

Eyes formed by their Maker will see with full enlightenment

Ears made by their Creator will hear with clear understanding

And new Light will glow from within their being as well;

They too will live and walk by faith in Messiah Yeshua

Standing strong till the end.