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“Love never fails…”

Love always carries another close to the heart

Strong arms that embrace

A steadfast will in commitment,

The hand of God upon you;

Nothing can distract or pull away

The body, soul and spirit anchored in solid Rock

Authority of the Holy Name of the Lord

Most secure in Godly refuge;

Forgiveness covers with freedom

Birds flock to seasonal homes far off

And freedom returns in more fearless, shameless love,

A Peace settled forever within a strong Tower

Untouchable, high above this world.

As a glow from above descends

Goodness encloses another one chosen

Nothing can separate what God has joined together

Eternal fellowship of sacrificial love

The fragrance of Life poured out,

Never to be held back

Though a most fragile, delicate beauty.

Honest eyes look into the pure eyes of another

They take pleasure in what is sensed

Like in covenant marriage, the other always first

Freely offered continually

Lived out daily;

A “Kiss of Truth” often shared as minds are renewed

Hearts are enlightened

Wisdom from Heaven calms as the future waits in Hope,

Kindness in such brightness from Messiah

Grace that draws each closer,

Closer and nearer to You.


Christmas Blessings.