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GRACIOUS  WORDS- Testimony of Youth



In a troubling circumstance

Long ago, gracious words were spoken

A breath of sincere goodness

Through a friend’s kindness in honesty

And through the mystical work of the Lord of Mysteries;

Things were said in a moment

Simple questions were asked in humility

And suddenly, a cloud of numbing despair lifted

The light of true understanding began to break through;

This cloud never returned.

Beauty of a new quiet, a new calm settled within me

A warm blanket of comforting peace on a cold night;

With little understanding, I stood amazed

Enlightened by the simplicity of such Truth

Shared openly by a newly discovered woman friend,

Freedom offered from beyond my own grasp;

Something good entered my heart and soul

A “Seed of Promise” never to leave.

I stood that night in mysterious calm

After battling internal conflicts for years

In numerous relationships and youthful circumstances

Struggles that ebbed and flowed

Pulled and tore at me finally into weak inner shreds;

My youth abused and nearly stolen.

Yet, the dark force disappeared in an instant

As the Name above every name was revealed

The highest, the greatest authority,

To believe in Him,

And receive His gift of faith!

Jesus, the Door to answered secret prayers opened

Before I even knew how to pray;

Finally, I took hold of the Absolute One

Messiah’s Truth later slowly read,

Tasted daily, then seen and heard,

Soon to always fill and flood throughout my being!

His Holy Spirit led a continual Scripture feast

Words written from the very mouth of God,

What our Creator had spoken,

Our Redeemer, the Living “Word made flesh” made known to me

One day, one step at a time

Year after year after year

My new path, a narrow road into an endless future;

Sure Hope, richly alive in me

The Way of eternal Life,

The King of Truth now my Shepherd

My God of Trust,

Who begins at a moment of need by honesty

In your unique circumstance,

Among special caring people, special new friends.