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To experience His Cross

Is to eat His flesh

And drink His blood,

To daily know His Sacrifice in our loving sacrifice,

We kneel in prayer, hands lifted to the Father

As we live by His Spirit, Messiah’s spoken Words;

Oneness alive through the Cross

Ceaseless prayer as Paul before the Throne

New Covenant Life shown clearly, purely in the Holy Spirit.

To be miraculously joined together with another

Even a man and woman in lifelong marriage,

A most beautiful bride given completely to her groom

Just as the new husband lives first for his wife,

Two become one in a mysterious way.

The Heavenly Father of all creation has given His Son,

Over centuries and many generations

The Son works to gather His Bride

To bring Glory to His Father

All joined together in the Holy Spirit

The Kingdom Body of Christ, His Church,

Born to walk as He walked

A life dependent, lived in and through His Father;

Likewise we live in and through the Son.

Our human spirits feed as He fed

With constant prayer, the Living Word and faithful obedience,

We eat His Bread

We drink His Wine

As Kingdom Life faithfully lived out in eternal fellowship;

A natural walk becomes a spiritual walk

A Kingdom walk that no longer belongs to the world,

Joined in New Covenant oneness to Israel’s Messiah

Our Savior.

Holy Spirit food for one and for all,

Flesh and blood sacrificed on the Cross

Now experienced in death for Life,

Our cross daily carried

Light for darkness in death to self

Death to the world as it is,

Life only by the Holy Spirit

His Words written on our hearts

His Name sealed on our foreheads

As Yeshua’s Cross we taste and see;

Now joined forever as one

Brothers and sisters united

Both near and far away

Always together with our Lord,

Expressed in a foretaste with a marriage covenant-

The bride made ready

The groom prepared, ready and waiting

Like their King, on radiant tip toes.