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They walk the sands of a long shoreline

Beauty and power collide with each strong wave

As it rushes over large rocks,

Sunshine steady and clear

Low mountains nearby

The bluest sky as a majestic canvas above

A pleasing wind moves through the hair

Caresses the body;

They hold hands in love

Joined together years before

Now, daily refreshed with inner calm and gladness,

Passion in deepest trust while growing together;

And here, nearby a natural setting of delight

A living mirror that magnifies what their hearts already know!

Bare feet easily move the sand about

A rich blanket of warmth all around

Goodness bursts through moments that stretch on and on

Much as the shoreline of  this isolated California beach,

“The Lost Coast”, unique and truly captivating.

Again the waves rush in powerfully

Yet, reach their boundaries

And quickly retreat;

Like memories from long ago linger, then are forgotten,

Love has triumphed over worldly troubles

Mercy over judgment

Forgiveness over bitterness

The waves of the past come and gone

Blessings from high above numbered as the grains of beach sand,

Like stars up beyond the sky show the endless Source

Even as the many children of the Father of our faith, Abraham;

Ah, the beauty of the ocean, the beauty of this beach,

And the vibrant beauty of a man and woman glowing together

Two who have become one!.