INNER  BEAUTY (repost)



The spirit, the heart so radiant

Love in beauty draws near

A growing desire to become closer than friendship,

The work, the beauty of a True Artist sown into a woman

And, into a man’s form

In a supernatural work of splendor reflected,

New Life of the Holy Spirit given

The great Gift of Love from our Father through His Son

Foretaste of the promised Resurrection

With new ears to hear

And new eyes to see

And a reborn human spirit to know!

Oh, the Majesty of our Lord

To receive the Shepherd’s eternal touch and care

Each person,

One at a time chosen

All redeemed to taste and see

To fully experience the Kingdom joy of salvation;

Our Savior’s blood

Our Savior’s sacrifice of love poured out for each one of us

Each man and woman, each child clothed in purest white

With the greatest intimacy before Him,

Then purity in fellowship with many millions of others.

Our King of abundant mercy

Our King of Destiny

The One who chose us in foreknowledge

To be truly beautiful in His sight!

All of us with Messiah’s glow reflected

The Light of Heaven’s glory

His Holy Spirit radiant

The jeweled Light of lasting inner beauty from deep within,

The exquisite work of the Greatest Artist

With creative power beyond human words

Yet, spoken in the language of Abraham and Isaac

Even Israel His covenant people from of old;

The Presence of His Life now within us

Our human body, soul and spirit

And soon a new “glorified body”,

Resurrection Life given

When the world, when we each had nothing.