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GOSPEL (repost)



The Holy Sword is sharpened

Words from the mouth of the King

With all power and authority

Kingdom of creation rests in His hands;

The Living Word

Word of eternal Life, both now and forever

Spoken and written, given freely

By complete Sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.

The “Word made flesh” walked the world as human

Our Redeemer in obedience to His Father,

He became like us

So that we could become like Him;

New life from the “Breath of Heaven”

Spirit Life flows from the mouth of our God,

Sharpest golden arrows  of purest fire fly from the Throne of Holiness

Every target of deepest human purpose and meaning,

Each man, each woman pierced through the very heart of their being.

All creation by the hands and work of the Creator,

Reality spoken, rises from nothingness

Barren emptiness of a natural soul

The universal dilemma of mankind;

“He spoke and it became,

He commanded and it appeared”,

And who among us hears

Who really hungers for Truth

Who yearns for understanding

Who longs for earthly grasp for heavenly things?

Vessels of Messiah’s authority go forth

True servants led by the Holy Spirit of power

Spread good seeds of peace and healing both near and far

As the Shepherd of Love reaches out through them

Seeks the repentance and revelation of all

Salvation to be given by the only Savior.

Heavenly passion awakens in another

New freedom to approach the Holy God in humility,

To daily begin to discover the hidden treasures

The pearl of Kingdom wealth

Found in our Lord

Seen in the Lamb of God

Received from the King of Israel,

The King of all true Jews.

Remnant Church, Body of Christ throughout the nations

Radiate the Gospel, the Living Words of our Lord within us and about

We are His children carrying the Kingdom jewels of Truth

Shared by our own mouths from our new reborn hearts

His Holy Seal upon our foreheads

His Name forever written on our spirit and soul.

A humble farmer walks through his fields

The ground about dry and weeded

He shakes his head and simply prays-

Father, in the Name of Yeshua

“In wrath remember mercy”.