A new day rises to live a life of love,

To love my wife

To love my family

To love friends and neighbors

And strangers I  meet,

Prayerfully to love those difficult to love.

Some will see this love,

Others will not

As simply the way of this world

And those who love it first;

But Messiah has spoken

And the Carpenter empowers us to follow Him.

The soul does not grow weary

A strong Sabbath Rest already given from above

The solid Rock foundation of Peace anchored within,

A most beautiful precious stone that always remains inset,

Living Words precisely written on my spirit!

The soil about is more than ready

As we look at many fields before us

Some prepared over long hard years

At times even as the sower and reaper walked hand in hand,

Triumphant victory the steadfast vision carried near.

Like our Maker who went before us,

Strong hands, rough and callused as a true worker

The One who created the only path of Truth

And established the only Way

Revealing Life;

The “finished work” was long ago completed,

A song of joy now streams in many restful, trusting hearts

Confidence reigns throughout each day

Assurance supreme moment by moment

For the Lord of the Harvest has spoken-

“The Spirit and the Bride say come.”

We hear and walk in healthy faithfulness

Wisdom and revelation given from Heaven’s Throne,

Each step gathering fruit taken in greater  pleasure

Harvesting with honor offered in loving sacrifice,

Praise given  in delight filled worship!