Guardian of  my soul

Shield, protector of my heart, my life,

This body enclosed behind and in front

Now within the Sacred Tent

Refuge of  my Lord;

Peaceful temple of my body

Cleansed and purified

Kept from pollution, defilement of the world

A new vessel of Godly honor carried close

Living sacrifice of obedient love celebrated

In faithfulness to my Lord, my Maker!

Angels always stand by me

Holy Spirit of Messiah indwells

Enough power to walk the “narrow road”

Strength to wisely keep in step,

The One who enables

The hands that empower

My will sustained

Alert and watchful

Confidence from my youth

The Shepherd of my life as a fierce Lion poised

Ready always, sword drawn;

Most active in the invisible realm

He moves men and women as instruments of greater purpose

Artful designs, circumstances for good

Builds up His own in Love.

Beautiful eyes that see all

A radiant Throne that knows all

Final authority over infinite detail

Whether a meteor speeding toward earth,

Hail storm over a city and nation

A destructive sunburst of prolonged energy

Or a small child’s hiccups,

A woman who stumbles and sighs with inner shame

A man who fails in a moment of stress and groans out loud;

Nothing is hidden

As a single flea passes along a virus,

Nothing is beyond His Divine reach

From the very ends of the Earth

As demons invade nations

To the depths of any child’s needs

Or the struggling thoughts of a mind and soul,

Or the revelation of Truth in destiny to a female human spirit;

From strength to strength

From glory to glory

Our guarded paths are precious to Him

Both now and throughout eternity!