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Compassion touches a heart

Kindness covers the nakedness

In a touch of true love,

Tenderness reigns supreme

In the gentle Kingdom

The God of Love upon His Throne,

A most gentle Shepherd made fully known;

As another human life on Earth comes and goes

The gate swings open, the gate swings closed

A few watch

Hear and see,

Maybe even embrace and appreciate,

At times encourage and care for.

Yet, only one family was grown into much more,

A family into tribes, then into a nation

From that special nation, a Kingdom was birthed on Earth;

Revelation rains down from above

Enlightens another man,

Enlightens other men and women

The children of God drawn together

And the greatest Kingdom is made known!

The “Faithful Witness”, the eternal King now on His Throne,

Makes Himself known with a Holy Spirit Breath of Life,

As the First Born over all

Who walked in love and obedience

Glory from beyond the stars

Even the Father’s Son

Who swallowed death for mankind,

Who reached out in compassion to touch His Creation

With sacrificial love

Fulfilled in the most touching moments

As the Voice of the greatest trumpet sounded,

Proclaimed – “It is finished!”

From the Cross in a moment of eternity

When the Timeless One touched the world

The Earth and all in it

All who would ever walk it,

He took hold of life and death

Crushed the serpent of all fear,

And crowned human life with His Life;

A Gift to all who seek it,

Those blessed to experience the most intimate, touching moments!