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Faithful ones who bow in humility

Who stand to worship in Spirit and in Truth,

Who will stand strong till the end;

Obedience reigns in the sacrifice of thanksgiving

Hearts poured out in love

A stream of clear, clean water pours out from deep within,

True love compels more

Messiah’s love compels each servant to freely give,

So, hands reach out to the hungry

Hands reach out to the thirsty

As the poor in spirit seen at every side

Precious ones in need;

With many prayers and tears offered

The “good seed” longs to be planted

The sowers yearn to reap and sow and reap

In greatest honor

Always in honor of their Lord of harvest.

The sun rises once again

Another day set to unfold,

Though the body grows older

Weariness as a thick, heavy garment

Youthfulness in faith, vibrant and always ready;

Many others are watched, scurry about “doing works for the Lord”,

Yet, promote only themselves

Human effort at its worst.

This one, arm in arm with true brothers and sisters

Looks in patience, with understanding

A clear mind and self-control,

He walks forward in the Holy Spirit

In steadfast love

The foundation of Holy Words beneath his feet,

Inner human spirit eyes see clearly

Ears hear the Voice of Peace,

Most sensitive to his God

Most sensitive to the One he loves

The One above all

Who counsels and shepherds his own,

Another faithful believer

A servant who follows in step

Another faithful one guided

Led along his unique path in life.