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Hearts weighed in the most precise balance,

Another one steps on the scales

A pound comes and a pound goes

Kilograms just as the years slip by,

Ah, health and self-control

Self-control and health!

Each life is truly weighed in the balance

One breath, one heartbeat, one thought and one act at a time

Always before the Lord of Creation

Spirit and soul, known from the beginning

Body care as well

As complete justice flows in fire from beneath the Throne

Quality always comes before quantity

Like the new scent of a candle

And the brightness of its flame,

But who receives its light;

The beauty of a flower in amazed wonder

Its aroma on the wind in simple delight

Yet what becomes a fruit,

What will hang heavy on the branches?

We will all stand before the Judge

And the Eyes that penetrate our entire existence

In the quality of our faithfulness

Weighed on His scales of Truth and Justice,

The degree of Holy Spirit obedience in human sensitivity

Held firmly in His hand, tender and kind

The measure of lasting good fruit produced

In a human being destined to know eternal greatness

To show forth Messiah’s greatness to others

Magnified in the display of love given on the Cross,

Freely held out, freely received

The Way of Truth in Life seen crystal clear

As it flows beneath the Holy Throne  of New Jerusalem.

Living Words spoken long ago so pure and simple

The Gospel alive each moment of every day

Made known to every man and woman

Those chosen to share, to give as they received

With kind and gentle touches of care

A Shepherd’s heart of compassion shines brightly

Reflected from within EACH ON

Just as our God radiant,

Faith in action, Holy Spirit empowered

One prayerful step after another

Holy Spirit led.