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Closer to You, Lord

Today more and more

Closer to You;

Father, draw me with Your loving Spirit

Nearer, closer to Your Son

Messiah my Holy Shepherd

My “first love” forever,

Oh, King of my life

Peace of my inner  being from my youth

Your Presence my refuge,

Creator of all essence of human purpose

A woman’s life

And a man’s path.

Give encouragement I pray for  all the children in need

The homeless, the orphan and widow who wander alone,

All those who know they are lost in this world!

Savior, pluck us all from the fire

Ones even snared by dark spirits of lust

Pornographic delusions

And every self-destructive perversion;

Cause me to shine brightly with Heaven’s Light

My brothers and sisters, the strangers I see on the street as well,

And to walk fearlessly in faithful acts

By word of  mouth

Even things I’ve written in love

Gentle things, tender and sensitive things.

To touch another heart in need and a mind in knots

Those pulled at by the world and its evil prince,

Lord of my prayers keep me in step

Led by your Holy Spirit of power and authority

Equip all Your servants, enable them to see and hear

And to reach out in confidence, with assurance;

Lord Yeshua, Master of the Universe, Ruler of all Creation

As your humble disciples, keep us at Your side

Persevering, steadfast in love

Faithful to You, to and through the end.