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Rich, lush fruit of the Heavenly Kingdom

Grown from good seed

Nurtured with steadfast love

Harvested in joyful satisfaction,

The sunshine of caring, kind peace covers

Handled as a small shoot with tenderness

Most gentle sensitivity,

At the right time it rises up in honor

Before the Lord of Life, Master of the final harvest gathering;

He Draws all together into humble baskets

Overflowing with amazing fruit

Delightful fruit

Beautiful to the eyes

Satisfying to the soul;

Joined as one in abundance

Like treasures held closely together

Lifted high upon the strongest shoulders

Gladly brought into the glowing Temple

As another covenant offering

Sacrifice of love and thanksgiving

For him to set before Messiah, their King.

And, as another servant of pure love moves in step

Angelic songs are sung in worship

Truly a chosen worker, an eternal minister comes forward

Known along with countless others before all time

A most talented, faithful woman

Diligent and zealous disciple,

The glorious Tree of Life in monthly season

As a constant vision displayed across their hearts

The Light of its image so bright

Always before them,

Even within their hearts!