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Suddenly a pure white curtain of woven linen

Drawn back in Spirit revelation

Truth miraculously stands before us,

After lifelong seeking

Even mixed with many struggles and prayers

The endless search for full meaning in life,

Rich purpose for being “here and now”!

A blend of longing mysteriously mixed with inner yearning,

As only God the Father draws us to His Son

The Sovereign power that reaches far beyond the heavens

In Ways and Thoughts of our Maker

Our God of Love who truly cares

Delights in revealing Himself to the willing

First in Messiah to the Jews

Then, last to all in Yeshua

The Lord of the Universe

Creator of pure human hearts

As seen in Abraham, his son and grandson,

Our Redeemer of all mankind

King of Heaven and Earth!

Clothed in cleanest white, new creations in the Lord walk in confidence

Assurance of one perfect sacrifice

Greatest display of love through the Cross;

Now cleansed by Living Water

We stand purified by most Royal Blood

In the only spoken eternal finished work.

Divine Love in greater revelations

Draws us nearer to God;

As knowledge grows, love grows.

Yes, the ancient Jewish Temple curtain was torn

And the veil of each heart opened wide to Heaven

As our King of Truth takes His Throne

Before His Father

Within our hearts

His Body joined as one in the Holy Spirit

His flock of believers, body of disciples,

His Bride in lasting beauty.