To know Him is to love Him;

And to love Him is to know Him even more!

This One who holds the keys of absolute Sovereignty

The One who is merciful,

All authority set with jewels in the Crown of our King of Truth

All power rests in the Throne of my King of Justice

Lovingkindness and Truth the purest clear river of Life  that flows out

Like smoothest “silky” linen from beneath that Throne,

Even Mount Zion’s Royal Jerusalem Throne!

As a confident child of Heaven

Another innocent, faithful child of Trust

She takes the hand held out in love

Her Shepherd who cares for His flock;

Each sheep once lost, now found,

They all stay very close

Delight only in His Voice

Sheltered in comfort

Safest tent of the Patriarchs,

Tent of those who walked as foreigners on earth

Strangers in this land of their destiny,

And their eternal home that will soon descend from high above.

We too, men and women of God wait for all fulfillment

Remnant Gentiles, remnant flock of Israel

All true believers joined as one

All followers in the Light of Messiah’s presence

All in the compassionate Light of the Redeemer’s mercy

Disciples washed in the Blood of God’s Son.