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Be separated in your heart

As the fear of the Lord correctly divides

Precise and clean and timely,

True sanctuary provided for heart and soul

Invincible refuge from this world and its ways

Eternal protection from the wicked who act wickedly,

And their deceptive evils,

At times like a volcano that erupts

Floods lava and covers the  land,

Ruthless ones, always conspiring;

Much as a once beautiful garden expanse

Colors and shapes and aromas to celebrate,

Yet, now stands defiled and filled with weeds

Thorn bearing plants of every kind

That seek to cover and consume.

But the hand of the destroyer is already broken

One powerful foot on the hand, another on the head

Long ago crushed as a serpent,

Soon to plunge into a lake of burning sulfur.

An exquisite temple shelter waits for all who choose life

A beautiful tent cover for the willing

A most comforting refuge from every possible storm

Every swirling destructive wind large or small,

Even a dust storm in the scorching desert sunlight.

Time is truly on our side

Our Good Shepherd stands near,

His flock very secure

His flock of freedom.

Even our Sovereign King of all Jews

Our Lord over all men and women

Cleansed within by His Holy Spirit

The only “eternal circumcision” of a true Jew.