Up the mountain of joy

To reach higher in gladness

Zion of Truth towers above

The Name of the Lord a very strong tower,

Jerusalem most brilliant in the Light of God’s Word;

Even as the purest river flows out

Crystal liquid glass sparkles with life

Radiant in the Holy Lord

Everything it touches springs to Life from the Throne.

The human walk of faith

Is the walk of new love

A strong arm about the shoulders

The constant presence of Divine Peace

Hand in hand at times

Holy Words always lighten the path,

Sacred Words that brighten each day;

Whispers within the heart

Like angelic music to the soul

Comfort poured forth

New strength to take another step

To pour out love for another, even a stranger

Or an enemy;

Always others throughout this day

As a vessel of kindness

Servant of the Lord,

Your joy of being alive

Looking into the eyes of another soul

And touching his or her life,

Once a stranger and now a friend.

Compassion flames from the heart

Reaches out freely to share in step

In Spirit flow of goodness;

With wisdom and discernment,

When inner ears hear the Holy Voice

The mouth answers gladly today-

“Here I am, Lord.

Here I am.”