This day given

Placed joyfully in your hands

A gift by the Hand of the Lord,

Today as the sun rises in beauty

Captivating streaks of color move in from the East

Early birds sound their wake up calls,

Goodness showers down

Freely, abundantly upon your head;

All shadows of struggles flee the coming light

Darkness shrinks away,

Even depression that lingers

Discouragement that weighs down

Disappointment that mixes with distractions,

And every anxious thought,

All melts and shrinks away.

Another day to draw a good breath

To celebrate life fully

Watchful, alert and wide awake

All the youthful wonders of being alive

More than just a body

Yes, much more!

Surrounded by things unseen

The wonders of angelic goodness

All beginning to understand In the Light of Heaven

And the watchful eyes of the Holy One,

His eyes of blazing fire upon your every breath

Your every heartbeat

Your every step in your complex, beautiful body

Each new steadfast desire of your soul

Every good thought of your renewed mind

Truth of the ancient Scripture discovered,

The Holy Spirit’s secret knowledge at new rest in your spirit;

All thoughts of the mind that come and go as wind

Now sorted out with discipline

As intuition weighs in the intricate balance of Truth

While emotions are filtered clean and pure;

New steps learned,taken daily toward perfection

The zealous work of our Savior within and without

As His salvation daily worked out.

Another precious one gets up from morning prayer

Fellowship tasted in God’s Book of Truth

Written through men led by His Spirit

Understanding through the Spirit alone;

This man or this woman rises again to more fully live,

Another day to hold closely to the heart

To love God and to love all others.