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“I raised my eyes toward Heaven and my sanity was restored.”-ancient Babylonian king

-as written by Prophet Daniel…


This day and in this place

Where you are, where you live

An intricate woven carpet of circumstances and people

So many varieties of each come and go, in all directions

Tightly woven with strong threads, uniquely together in greatest detail

All colors in patterns with shapes and sizes;

Mysteriously, often quietly, the needs of all mankind are met by God.

Needs of one person seemingly met by another person

Developed into a community where caring and honesty rule;

A noble goal hangs over heads like bright clouds

Like an image of greatness soon to come

A spiritual message repeated often

Trumpeted in open celebration

Peace always on the tiptoes of expectation

While reaching towards Messiah’s triumph.

Yet, most of the city people wait in chosen confusion

And then wait some more in growing anger

As a dirty secret kept in bitterness.

Your city, where Satan rules

Where a throne of apostate religious evil was established long ago;

A hidden war has raged constantly

And will only continue-

Good versus evil

Darkness against Light

Chaos versus Peace

Pretenders against true believers

Lies against Living Truth!

One question looms tallest, towers over your city-

Will humility in repentance unfold

And a wave of Godly healing follow

For body, soul and spirit?

Will chosen ones become so,

Separate from the selfish enslaved world

And join with the heavenly Kingdom

To “come out from among them…”;

The dawning Light will tell

Even the New Day with the ancient Morning Star

Soon to rise upon us all in Heaven’s Splendor.